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Taking care of our jewelry

Unlike gold-filled jewelry, solid gold jewelry can be worn and exposed in water.

  • It is recommended to remove the jewelry when showering, to prevent the accumulation of soap and other detergents.
  • Remove jewelry when immersed in the sea, hot tub, or pool.
  • While sleeping, the jewelry can be worn but it is recommended to avoid it for the reason that the jewelry may be damaged or damaged.
  • In order to preserve the gems and diamonds inlaid with gold jewelry, we recommend keeping the gold jewelry away from chemicals such as detergents and bleach in particular, acid, perfume soap and various creams. These materials can damage the luster and the special color of the gems and inlaid diamonds.
  • Our recommendation is to store jewelry that is not in daily use in a jewelry box that way. This way the jewelry will last for a long time. Separating jewelry will prevent friction between the items and keep them for a long time.
  • Always remember that this is a soft material that tends to be scratched and damaged. If there is a day when you work with your hands or do sports with a lot of touch, it is recommended to remove the jewelry
  • Buyers of “Max Factory Jewelry” will receive a great package of pouch for storing and preserving the jewelry that has been specially designed for you.
  • Once every six months, it is recommended to clean the gold and diamond jewelry to remove the dirt that has accumulated on it. We at X Factory Jewelry provide our customers with a diamond cleaning service.
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