About Ex Factory

About Ex Factory

Ex Factory (the “Company”) designs, manufactures and sells its own fine jewelry collections made from solid 14K and 18K gold, completed with a range of natural precious stones, including well-known favorites such as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies. 
The Company's mission is to offer women a wide range of high quality and genuine jewelry at affordable prices making luxury as accessible as an every day treat.

Ex-factory story

The Ex-Factory story is about Ribas family-owned business with a disruptive idea to make fine jewelry affordable to all customers. 
The roots of the Company date back to 2002, when RIBAS Jewelry was established in Tel Aviv. The Ribas family are proud members of the Israel's Diamond Exchange, the worldwide hub of the diamond and gem activity, providing first-hand access to the precious stones supply chain. The Company holds relevant licenses for diamond trade related activities and fine jewelry manufacturing governed by the Israel Ministry of Economy. 


The Company is rapidly building an international presence and currently sells jewelry in stores across Israel and the capital of Lithuania. Ex Factory online store is international, and offers delivery services across Europe. 
The Company plans to expand further by entering new markets beyond its current presence, invest in branding and further strive for the excellence in the customer experience.

Fair prices

With a history of jewelry making for almost 20 years, Ex Factory leverages extensive network and in-house experience. Supported by an integrated supply chain and enjoying a lean cost structure, Ribas team designs, produces and sells fine jewelry at bargain prices. Ex Factory offers most of its gold diamond pieces ranging from € 60 to 1,000, at a significant discount to similar products at other retailers.
Major brands in this space add 8-10x markup to the actual cost. To make the fine jewelry pieces affordable, Ex Factory team designs pieces in-house, sources the gemstones from the Israel Diamond Exchange, and has built relationships with the best manufacturers allowing to sell the final product without the traditional markup. 


Ribas family designs all the collections in their offices in Tel-Aviv and Vilnius. The pieces are easy to wear and can complement any fashionista look from minimalist classic style to layered necklaces for the button-down summer day. These pieces are not just something customer's put a Pinterest board for 'someday.' Ex Factory jewelry collections are casual enough for every day, but yet glamorous and luxurious.
All Ex Factory collections are presented by price category to make shopping a smooth affair for those with a target budget in mind. The precious gemstones and diamonds are made as affordable as a treat on a regular day and the clients no longer need to wait for traditional holidays like Valentine's Day or Birthday, or to wait for someone else to buy the ring, necklace, earrings, or bracelet for them. Ex Factory makes diamonds affordable for all. 
Ex Factory also works with the customers directly to create custom-made fine jewelry pieces. The team is able to design, manufacture and deliver any piece of jewelry at any size, quality and price. The design and selection process is bespoke and interactive. As Israel Diamond Exchange members, Ribas family has direct access to diamonds and rare precious stones of any size and quality. For such orders, the client is often invited to the Company's offices in the Israel's Diamond Exchange, to be able to review and chose the right precious stone for their piece.


When it comes to manufacturing, Ex Factory commits to exceptional craftsmanship, ethical practices and finest materials.
Ex Factory local manufacturers have decades of experience and are based in Ramat Gan; a short distance from the Ex Factory headquarters in the Israel Diamond Exchange. Partnering with local manufacturers allows the Company to keep its connection close, enabling better collaboration and seamless customer service. Ex Factory goal is to provide the best quality product with the shortest lead-times.
Ex Factory partner in Mumbai is an established jewelry manufacturer focused on top-notch quality, sustainability and innovation. Partners in India are passionate about giving back to community and often generously engage in corporate donations. Mumbai team practices yoga and meditates regularly.

Our Quality and Ethics

Ex Factory sells only natural diamonds, gemstones and solid gold. At Ex Factory, every piece of jewelry is supplemented with a unique gemological certificate detailing the key characteristics. 
The jewelry team is careful to ensure that all diamonds used are conflict-free and diamonds are sourced exclusively from the Israel Diamond Exchange, a certified Kimberley Process member.